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grass stain

Remove Grass Stains from your Favorite Clothes

The arrival of spring means that green is coming back in a big way. Grass, trees, and flowers are beginning to bloom and grow, unleashing a new wave of color and life. While most people are worried about pollen and other allergens, few realize that this warmer weather will also mean new stains and messes all over your favorite clothing.

Grass Stains

If you’re ever dealt with grass stains, you know they can be incredibly tricky and difficult to remove. Grass stains are different from many dirt, food, or drink stains in that the stain itself is technically a dye. The chlorophyll, proteins, and other organic matter that come from grass easily bonds with natural clothing fibers, like cotton. Once in the fabric, the natural pigments can penetrate and bond to the fibers of the garment. Synthetic fabrics are a bit more resilient because they don’t absorb, trap and lock the natural dyes as efficiently.

The key to removing grass stains is to act fast. By treating the garment as quickly as possible, you can help prevent the dye from drying into the fabric and becoming permanent. There are a number of ways to pretreat a grass stain. Most call for a spot treatment, where you apply detergent or a stain-lifting agent to the affected area and gently brush and massage the stain. Let the item rest and allow the pretreatment to begin lifting the stain. Finally, the wash the garment as your normally would and inspect the stain. If you act fast enough, a simple pretreatment like this will likely remove the stains. However, most grass stains are set-in and require a little more elbow grease.

Alternative Methods

Rubbing alcohol is another way to remove unwanted grass stains. As a solvent, rubbing alcohol is great at dislodging natural and organic stains from many types of fabric. To use as a pretreatment, simply dab rubbing alcohol on the affected area and wait for it to air-dry. Then, rinse the area with cold water and repeat until the stain has faded. Another method is to use warm water and white vinegar using the same technique as you would with rubbing alcohol. There are surely other stain removal methods out there, but likely none as simple as bringing your stained items to Mountaineer Cleaners.

grass stains

Stain Removal and More from Mountaineer Cleaners

Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we’re ready and waiting to help you take care of all those summertime stains. From ketchup and mustard stains at your Fourth of July picnic to grass and mud stains from playing outside, our stain removal services are second to none. Check out these services and more by exploring our website!

We aim to be the NC High Country’s one-stop-shop for all of your dry cleaning, garment repair, alteration, and stain removal needs. With so many services available, we are eager to earn your business and make you a customer for life. Register today and take part in our free pick-up and delivery service. Just imagine – clean, fresh clothes without ever having to leave your home. That’s the reality of Mountaineer Cleaners!

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