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Home Clothes Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Dry Cleaning is by far the best way to clean your clothes, most people know that. Our experts at Mountaineer Cleaners are a huge part of the reason why. Cleaning methods are the other half, and dry cleaning is the most efficient in terms of removal of stains and reinvigorating your clothes. When you get a stain on your clothes that doesn’t necessarily warrant a dry cleaning visit it can be difficult to determine what to do. For serious stains (most stains are) it’s always better to err on the side of caution and give your garments to us. For the stains that you feel confident in removing, we’ve got some tips from our dry cleaning specialists that can help you get those clothes sparkling clean.

First things first, always determine what the recommended cleaning process is for your particular garment. The label will tell you what you need to know in most instances. Don’t ever submit your clothes to methods of cleaning that the tags advise against. Is something says dry cleaning only, they usually mean it.

Second, maintain a close eye on what cleaning products can do to your clothes. We won’t go as far as to mention brands you shouldn’t use, but look around online to determine whether or not your cleaning product will remove color or reduce the strength of the fabric in your clothing. An easy test is to use a bit of the cleaner on a piece of the fabric that is not exposed, or use so little that it won’t make a difference. Understandably this is a bit of a risk, so use caution and if you feel too apprehensive then simply bring your clothes to us. We’ll take care of your precious and expensive clothing.

Some don’ts include never cleaning a stain too forcefully. With certain substances that stain clothes easily you will only spread the stain and end up damaging the fabric. Also never stow the garment away while it is still stained. You can end up permanently damaging the fabric. If you have a serious stain remember that we’re always a phone call away, don’t delay if you don’t have time to deal with the stain yourself. We can get it done quickly with professional efficacy and skill. The most common stains that give the most issue are the types of foods that we eat most. Soda, greasy foods, potato chips, etc. A huge don’t that may be apparent to some of you is that ironing clothes with stains on them will damage your clothes immensely. It can burn the substances into your clothes extremely quickly, and at that point you’re better off just getting rid of your clothes.

Mountaineer Cleaners is the best dry cleaning service in the High Country. We have a team of professionals here that take care of your clothes like they were their very own. Dry cleaning is our bread and butter, and we live and breathe it here. If you need an important garment cleaned and maintained then we’re the people you call. Next time you get a stain, Mountaineer Cleaners is the place to go.

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