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Insect Damage in the Summer and How to Prevent It

Summer in the High Country can take it’s time arriving, but once it’s here the bugs come with it. Insects can be a pest for many reasons, one being the damage they inflict on your clothes and upholstery. If you’ve got an attic in your house, it’s good to check up on any furniture or clothing that may be stored there from time to time. Especially around summer, when the moths come to feast on your linens! If you don’t see any damage on your linens and you find insects nearby, you’ll notice them after a good cleaning.



Some of the most obvious suspects are termites. They normally eat wood, but have been known to eat linens when given the opportunity. Also, moths, but pretty much any species of insect that gets inside your linens can cause issues. Some less than others, nevertheless, it’s always a hassle. Your traditional cotton clothing is not the only fabrics vulnerable to insects. The mixed fabrics like polyester will also be damaged by insects. Don’t listen to companies touting their fabric is impenetrable by insects, it’s never true!

Some preventative measures include mothballs, cleaning your clothes before storing them, and starch for longer term storage. Roaches won’t eat your clothing, but they will nest in your fabrics and cause damage simply from living on and in them. They will also be able to detect residue from non-visible stains and attempt to eat them. This can increase the indirect damage bugs like roaches cause. Make sure to get your clothes dry cleaned before you store them for a season, or any real length of time. The more you care about your linens, the more often you should get those linens dry cleaned!

Mountaineer Cleaners and Insect Damage Repair

We can repair your clothing at Mountaineer Cleaners, the top dry cleaning location in the High Country area. But we can also kill insect eggs just by dry cleaning your linens! This can prevent damage from ever occurring on your clothing, and can definitely reduce the amount it progresses. In some instances, the damage is too severe, but don’t underestimate our team of professionals. Whatever you need regarding your linens, we can probably get it done. This includes, hemming, tailoring, and restoration. We also understand that clothes can have sentimental value. Family heirlooms will be cared for with the utmost respect, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Each one of your garments placed in the hands of one of our professionals is treated with equal reverence, we take pride in our ability to maintain a spotless track record and a happy clientele. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you and your clothing.

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