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Weather PSA for Incoming College Students and Residents

The weather in Boone and the High Country fluctuates rapidly. The old adage rings true almost every day, “If you don’t like the weather in Boone, wait ten minutes.” Most locals are used to it, keeping their seasonal clothes close at hand for that sudden warm swing in fall or cold bite in spring. Moreover, witnessing the incoming college students doing their best to justify khaki’s while freezing rain thwarts their midday jaunt through Appalachian State’s Campus is a pass time for permanent mountain dwellers. The surrounding areas that Mountaineer Cleaners’ services are for the most part the same. The climate’s most significant fluctuations take place in the transitional periods between hot to cold and cold to hot (and on top of Grandfather mountain where you could nearly fly a kite into the atmosphere). Past years have led some water cooler conversations and grumblings to suggest the topic of climate change, but the data is inconclusive on whether or not the previous winter will become the standard moving forward. The high altitude and wind currents that move through the High Country make it a weatherman’s worst nightmare. If you’re reading this just having moved to the High Country or if you’re a college student attempting to get a grasp on how to dress for the weather consider these tips in the coming months. *Full disclaimer, even the locals have a hard time being completely prepared on some days so don’t feel bad if you get caught with your pants down…so to speak.

• In August, the mornings are starting to get cold, so a light jacket on hand is usually necessary.

• When it’s overcast and/or rainy the temerpatures can’t get down to the 50’s in the cold parts of the day.

• A lot of thrift stores around town have jackets and coats for sale from student’s moving out. If you need one on the cheap you shouldn’t have trouble finding it.

• When September hits the weather will begin to fluctuate more severely. You may want to consider some layers and a jacket.

• The leaves start to change in October and the air will become crisp. There’s usually a noticeable nip in the mornings, a medium coat and or jacket will get you through your commute and foggy or overcast days.

• It rains a lot in the High Country. Americans aren’t typically fond of umbrellas but you’ll thank yourself for keeping one in your bag or car through Fall. The autumn rain can make even the most seasoned High Country Residents think twice about stepping outside.

• By November, the cold should begin to feel severe on some days. Towards the end of the month winter will start ramping up.

• In the past year the winter was very mild. That does by no means imply the winter this year will be warm. Be prepared, and don’t get caught outside without a coat.

All in all, you shouldn’t be terribly worried about frostbite here in the High Country. It gets cold and it can drop in the negatives in the morning. Other than that it’ll change until it’s something you enjoy for at least 10 minutes out of day. For the students just arriving it’s true you might not have known what you were getting into moving here. For the new residents or old residents just looking for a quick take on the whipper snappers and their cargo shorts in the winter time, you all know what you signed up for living in the mountains. For everyone however, if you’re finding yourself digging out old coats you didn’t intend on wearing so soon in the year feel free to drop them off at Mountaineer Cleaners. Our trained team of professionals will get them back to you before it gets warm again at 11 a.m. and then cold again at 2. pm. (a bit of High Country Humor™ there). Give us a call and we’ll get it done. At Mountaineer Cleaners the “mountaineer” is there for a reason.

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