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Five Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts From Mountaineer Cleaners

Occasionally, our customers will ask for general do’s and don’ts when they come in. More often than not however, we notice customers are amazed at how clean their clothes have become. This leads to curiosity, and many questions on exactly how dry cleaning works. The science of dry cleaning is often more complicated than the common consumer suspects, the mere existence of the Dry Cleaning Institute makes that apparent. Nevertheless, there is plenty that you can do yourself that you don’t need a degree or a certification for! We’ve compiled five of our most frequently given tips and cautionary reminders for you to read and apply to your laundry routine all from the comfort of your home.

The Amazing Invisible Stain

 1. If you don’t see the stain anymore, it’s still a problem. Many of us have used an ice cube from a nearby drink to “rid” ourselves of the pesky stain on our shirt. Yet, this is not as conveniently tidy as it seems. Especially with stains that are clear to begin with. The oily substance you get on your fingers from eating potato chips? It doesn’t go away when you wipe it on your khaki’s. The invisible stains are actually the most dangerous to your clothes, because without a proper thorough cleaning they can attract bugs as well as cause molding.

Bye Bye Sweater, See You Next Fall

2. On that same note, never allow clothes to be stored for seasons without being professionally cleaned. Even if the clothes look clean, don’t forget about those invisible stains.  Also, even if the clothes were only worn a few times the residual dead skin and general oil and dirt from your own body will damage the clothes eventually.


Grandma Doesn’t Know Best

3. Old Wives tales are not to be trusted. We all know that trick grandmother taught us back in the day. The one with the club soda, and the ice cube? Turns out, it’s only mildly effective to begin with. Don’t believe us? We wrote an article on the efficacy of club soda as a stain remover a while back, you can read it here. Turns out it works, but it doesn’t completely remove the stain; only the visible aspects of it.

Tag Lines Tell Lies?

4. Many of our customers who attempt to play it safe just follow the instructions on the tag of the clothing item. Did you know though, there’s no real legality that forces clothing manufacturers to thoroughly test their products to the tag instructions. They’re actually just general guidelines as to how the clothing should be cleaned. Sometimes, they’re not even correct. The age old shrunken sweater is a let down for sure, but it needn’t be. We can figure out exactly what methods should be used to clean your clothes.

Not Bringing it Home

5. Mountaineer Cleaners is your best option for all your cleaning needs. When it comes to invisible stains, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to our methods, you can be sure your clothes are safe to store after we clean them all summer or winter. If you’re concerned about those methods, you should know our staff is extremely professional and trained in all the appropriate chemistry. We don’t perform wives tale remedies on your previous family heirlooms! The tag? Don’t worry about the tag. We determine the procedures based on our education and expertise.

Mountaineer Cleaners

If you want to call in and talk to a professional feel free! We enjoy satisfying customers whether it’s questions or quilts, sweaters or salutations. Our professional staff is constantly working to make sure you receive your clothes swiftly and in great condition. We also have drop-off and pick up spots. Those spots are growing even now, and we hope to have enough for the entire High Country to be nearby. If you want the best dry cleaning in the area than look no further. Mountaineer Cleaners delivers customer satisfaction in ways that our competitors don’t.

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