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Let Mountaineer Cleaners Do Your Laundry

You hate it, we hate it, everyone hates it. Laundry. When it comes to day to day chores, nothing seems to eat up time as much as laundry. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, or taking out the trash, a good schedule will keep the time down. Nothing can be done in order to reduce laundry other than the frequency in which you do it. Or, possibly wearing clothes multiple times. Which, unless you have a closet full of anti-microbial material is highly unrecommended by us here at Mountaineer Cleaners.

A forum over at Unclutterer lists the average amount of reasonable laundry a week is” between 8 and 10 loads of laundry per week.” When it comes to ironing, hanging, folding, and waiting for the load to finish, that’s a serious time commitment for some already exhausted mothers and fathers out there. So don’t make the stinky mistake of ruffling through the laundry bin for the least offensive aura, let us handle it. We can take care of your laundry needs, and make sure your linens are crisp and clean without you worrying about it even once.


Mountaineer Cleaners and Your Laundry Daze

Our team of professional dry cleaning experts will exhibit tender care to all your clothes, so you don’t have to. If you’re worried about response time, we can get it back to you within a few days. Take a look at our special services for our home delivery and pick-up. It’s a fantastic service that we happily provide for our overworked, underpaid residents of the High Country.

Home Delivery and Pickup

At Mountaineer Cleaners, we want our customers to avoid the inconvenience of lugging a heavy laundry bag to their local laundromat or dry cleaners. Mountaineer Cleaners has turned the tide with FREE laundry pick-up and delivery throughout the mountain region. To gain the advantage of our laundry pick-up and delivery services, just call our store and ask to sign up.

With Mountaineer Cleaners, there are no transporting fees or minimum requirements. Every laundry pick-up and drop-off is free of charge, directly to your door. Each time you use one of our services, we will send you a statement with an itemized list of services rendered, and you have the choice of paying by check or credit card. We make every step of your dry cleaning process as smooth as possible.

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