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We’ve Been Sitting On a Gold Mine of High Fashion

These days, we’re starting to wonder if we’re in the wrong business. Moschino is an “Italian luxury fashion house,” and they just released a dry cleaning dress. The dress is priced at a whopping $700 dollars. Some go for more. We realized we’ve been sitting on a gold mine at about that time. If you’ve received any of our dress covers after you’ve had them dry cleaned, you may be as well. Here’s a video from TIME on the dress and it’s…appeal?

Here in the Mountains, we turn our nose down at the highfalutin fashion types. But, seeing as we have quite a few of these expensive dresses on hand just let us know if you’d like to buy one. We’ll start the bidding at, shall we say $500?

I mean, look at this way: you’re getting a deal.

Dan in a dry cleaning dress cover.

This Winter’s Fashion

In all seriousness, the cold is approaching fast. The early mornings require a coat or a jacket at least. If you’re rifling through your seasonal linens and discover they aren’t quite as fresh as you remember, bring them on down. We promise not to scoff at your high fashion even in jest. Our crew of professionals has been instructed by the Dry Cleaning Institute, an instruction group that has decades of experience in the subject. We take care and consideration into every peace of cloth that enters our shop.

Even if they didn’t cost $700 dollars when you bought them.

Also, we offer winter and summer storage for linens you won’t be needing until next season. First we clean and bag your garments. Then, after your garments have been cleaned and bagged, we offer the option to store your clothes on-site at one of our retail locations. We will store your clothes for up to six months, completely free of charge.

With our FREE drop off and pick up service, we can come get your clothes directly from your home. If you need that pile of warm-weather clothing out of your closet, we will pick it up for you. In addition, whenever you are ready to pick up your stored items, we will deliver them directly to your doorstep.

For more information about our Winter and Summer clothing storage, please call:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379

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