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Mountaineer Cleaners Wishes You a Happy Holidays!

We here at Mountaineer Cleaners would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. If it’s too late to get your holiday apparel dry cleaned, there’s always next year, and New Years!

Most schools have let out for the Holidays this week, leaving parents with a heap of extra responsibilities. Not only do you have to find the presents, budget, maintain a level head as you watch a Christmas Story for the 30th time, cook, clean for the relatives, and not to mention smile all the while, there’s still more to do.

As much as the children and grumpy grandfathers will relent, photos are going to be taken. Mom will greatly appreciate it if all your clothes are nice and crisp. Sweaters will need to be cleaned delicately, pants will need to be pressed, and the little one’s Christmas dress will have to be watched closely for fear of ruin.

Not to mention the stockings dragged from storage in the attic, tree skirts dusted, Santa’s gear cleaned for him, and the list goes on. Whether you’ve already dropped them off or had them picked up to send to Mountaineer Cleaners, we’ll be happy to store them for you after you’re done.

Christmas can be a stressful time to say the least, and each year that goes by can become incrementally more difficult. Whatever you need cleaned, we’ve got your back. If you want to look spiffy at the office New Years party, there still time. Give us a call and we’ll squeeze you in, but scheduling can be difficult this time of year.

Mountaineer Cleaners would also remind you to please be safe while driving, and don’t do anything your dog wouldn’t want you to do. If you’re a cat person, don’t worry there’s still hope for love in your future.

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