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Dry cleaning process nearly complete.

What is the Dry Cleaning Process?

The dry cleaning experts here at Mountaineer Cleaners always leave their customers smiling and satisfied. Our respect and dedication for our customers’ linens has brought us success over the years. Through this success, we maintain a welcoming environment, friendly staff, and affordable rates. The one thing our customers ask about most often is, what exactly are we doing to their clothes to keep them so clean? So, out experts have elected to explain the general dry cleaning process, in an effort to clear up some of the mystery.

 The Dry Cleaning Process

  • The process begins with your request. We receive the clothes you give us and take orders through pick-up or at our office. We have locations in Boone, NC, and Jefferson, NC. After you’ve given our staff your order we proceed to label and sort all clothes in relation to the procedures required in cleaning. The order is put into our system and the linens, clothes, shoes, etc. are sent down the line to our working area.
  •  When the clothes reach our crew, they are inspected for anything in the pockets, loose change, business cards, wallets, and the items are placed in a safe are to be returned to the customer. If a staff member notices rips or tears, they are noted on the object’s tag and proper procedures are put in place to protect the clothes before they are cleaned. Special care is something we put a lot of our stock in, and this part of the process is not something we take lightly.
  • One of the most important parts of the process is the by hand treatment applied to any problem areas on the cloth. Our experienced crew is versed in hundreds of different situations by the DLI in how to approach every stain big or small. The main intent behind the Dry Cleaning Institute is to show that damaging methods like your standard washer and dryer are not necessary in order to clean clothes. With a little chemistry and creativity nearly any substance can be removed pain free.


  • The clothes are then washed by one of our machines, similar in essence to your washer at home. Only this one has no water, only solvents that are designed to break apart any substances stuck inside the threads to assist it’s removal. Once the clothes have been thoroughly primed they are rinsed with a diluted solvent in order to remove the substances completely.
  • After being rinsed the clothes go through one more by hand treatment that ensures every stain is removed and no invisible residue is left behind by problem substances like oil, or other nasty lingering messes. The crew checks the clothes on more time, makes the appropriate chemical solvents, removes the leftover substances and prepares the clothes for the final step.
  • Here, the clothes are pressed, steamed, vaccuumed, and/or more to ensure they are fresh and cleaner than the day you first put them on. Every part of the process is performed with extreme care, and this includes finishing the garments and returning them to the customer. Once completed your order is returned to you by one of our smiling employees.

Mountaineer Cleaners

If you’re children are starting the new school year, you’re starting a new job, or have made a resolution to look your best and feel your best Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help. We are the best in the business for a country mile and then some. Our crew is always happy to greet customers and take their order, and if it’s your first time getting dry cleaned you can tell them you’re already an expert after reading this article. Come on by or call in to discuss or drop-off and delivery service. Have a wonderful year and stay warm in your fresh clean clothes!

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