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Dry cleaning process nearly complete.

What is the Dry Cleaning Process?

The dry cleaning experts here at Mountaineer Cleaners always leave their customers smiling and satisfied. Our respect and dedication for our customers’ linens has brought us success over the years. Through this success, we maintain a welcoming environment, friendly staff, and affordable rates. The one thing our customers ask about most often is, what exactly are we doing to their clothes to keep them so clean? So, out experts have elected to explain the general dry cleaning process, in an effort to clear up some of the mystery.  The Dry Cleaning Process The process begins with your request. We receive the clothes you give us and take orders through pick-up or at our office. We have locations in Boone, NC, and Jefferson, NC. After you’ve given our staff your order we proceed to label and sort all clothes in relation to the procedures required in cleaning. The order is put into

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We’ve Been Sitting On a Gold Mine of High Fashion

These days, we’re starting to wonder if we’re in the wrong business. Moschino is an “Italian luxury fashion house,” and they just released a dry cleaning dress. The dress is priced at a whopping $700 dollars. Some go for more. We realized we’ve been sitting on a gold mine at about that time. If you’ve received any of our dress covers after you’ve had them dry cleaned, you may be as well. Here’s a video from TIME on the dress and it’s…appeal? Here in the Mountains, we turn our nose down at the highfalutin fashion types. But, seeing as we have quite a few of these expensive dresses on hand just let us know if you’d like to buy one. We’ll start the bidding at, shall we say $500? I mean, look at this way: you’re getting a deal. This Winter’s Fashion In all seriousness, the cold is approaching fast.

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Let Mountaineer Cleaners Do Your Laundry

You hate it, we hate it, everyone hates it. Laundry. When it comes to day to day chores, nothing seems to eat up time as much as laundry. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, or taking out the trash, a good schedule will keep the time down. Nothing can be done in order to reduce laundry other than the frequency in which you do it. Or, possibly wearing clothes multiple times. Which, unless you have a closet full of anti-microbial material is highly unrecommended by us here at Mountaineer Cleaners. A forum over at Unclutterer lists the average amount of reasonable laundry a week is” between 8 and 10 loads of laundry per week.” When it comes to ironing, hanging, folding, and waiting for the load to finish, that’s a serious time commitment for some already exhausted mothers and fathers out there. So don’t make the stinky mistake of ruffling through the laundry bin

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Five Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts From Mountaineer Cleaners

Occasionally, our customers will ask for general do’s and don’ts when they come in. More often than not however, we notice customers are amazed at how clean their clothes have become. This leads to curiosity, and many questions on exactly how dry cleaning works. The science of dry cleaning is often more complicated than the common consumer suspects, the mere existence of the Dry Cleaning Institute makes that apparent. Nevertheless, there is plenty that you can do yourself that you don’t need a degree or a certification for! We’ve compiled five of our most frequently given tips and cautionary reminders for you to read and apply to your laundry routine all from the comfort of your home. The Amazing Invisible Stain  1. If you don’t see the stain anymore, it’s still a problem. Many of us have used an ice cube from a nearby drink to “rid” ourselves of the

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Weather PSA for Incoming College Students and Residents

The weather in Boone and the High Country fluctuates rapidly. The old adage rings true almost every day, “If you don’t like the weather in Boone, wait ten minutes.” Most locals are used to it, keeping their seasonal clothes close at hand for that sudden warm swing in fall or cold bite in spring. Moreover, witnessing the incoming college students doing their best to justify khaki’s while freezing rain thwarts their midday jaunt through Appalachian State’s Campus is a pass time for permanent mountain dwellers. The surrounding areas that Mountaineer Cleaners’ services are for the most part the same. The climate’s most significant fluctuations take place in the transitional periods between hot to cold and cold to hot (and on top of Grandfather mountain where you could nearly fly a kite into the atmosphere). Past years have led some water cooler conversations and grumblings to suggest the topic of climate

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Insect Damage in the Summer and How to Prevent It

Summer in the High Country can take it’s time arriving, but once it’s here the bugs come with it. Insects can be a pest for many reasons, one being the damage they inflict on your clothes and upholstery. If you’ve got an attic in your house, it’s good to check up on any furniture or clothing that may be stored there from time to time. Especially around summer, when the moths come to feast on your linens! If you don’t see any damage on your linens and you find insects nearby, you’ll notice them after a good cleaning.   Some of the most obvious suspects are termites. They normally eat wood, but have been known to eat linens when given the opportunity. Also, moths, but pretty much any species of insect that gets inside your linens can cause issues. Some less than others, nevertheless, it’s always a hassle. Your traditional

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Home Clothes Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Dry Cleaning is by far the best way to clean your clothes, most people know that. Our experts at Mountaineer Cleaners are a huge part of the reason why. Cleaning methods are the other half, and dry cleaning is the most efficient in terms of removal of stains and reinvigorating your clothes. When you get a stain on your clothes that doesn’t necessarily warrant a dry cleaning visit it can be difficult to determine what to do. For serious stains (most stains are) it’s always better to err on the side of caution and give your garments to us. For the stains that you feel confident in removing, we’ve got some tips from our dry cleaning specialists that can help you get those clothes sparkling clean. First things first, always determine what the recommended cleaning process is for your particular garment. The label will tell you what you need to know

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grass stain

Remove Grass Stains from your Favorite Clothes

The arrival of spring means that green is coming back in a big way. Grass, trees, and flowers are beginning to bloom and grow, unleashing a new wave of color and life. While most people are worried about pollen and other allergens, few realize that this warmer weather will also mean new stains and messes all over your favorite clothing. Grass Stains If you’re ever dealt with grass stains, you know they can be incredibly tricky and difficult to remove. Grass stains are different from many dirt, food, or drink stains in that the stain itself is technically a dye. The chlorophyll, proteins, and other organic matter that come from grass easily bonds with natural clothing fibers, like cotton. Once in the fabric, the natural pigments can penetrate and bond to the fibers of the garment. Synthetic fabrics are a bit more resilient because they don’t absorb, trap and lock the

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Bug Infestations and Dry Cleaning Extermination

Bed bugs are some of the worst pests your home can be infected with. They are extremely resilient, and multiply quickly. Sometimes an infestation can be so unexpected and intense people are forced to move out of their home. The common perception is that bed bugs only infest dirty beds, or sketchy motels. This is not entirely true. While they are found in dirty areas, clean homes are just as susceptible to serious infestations. Dateline interviewed a military bug specialist on the matter, and this is what he had to say about the common misconceptions of bed bugs: “Infestations of common bed bugs, Cimex lectularius L., are not directly related to sanitation levels.  The cleanest living area can have a very large infestation , and improving sanitation alone will not eliminate an established bed bug population.  Cluttered conditions can offer the bugs a lot of excellent harborages very near their

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summer fabrics

Best Fabrics for Beating the Summer Heat

Everyone has their own idea of a summer wardrobe. From shorts and skirts to T-shirts and flip-flops, most people are concerned with wearing as few clothes as possible in order to beat the heat. However, it might bring some much needed relief to plan your summer outfits around the types of fabric that will keep you as cool and dry as possible. Dress Smart with Summer Fabrics You obviously wouldn’t wear wool in the middle of July. Aside from heavy and bulky fabrics, there are still several kinds of material that are not ideal for beating the heat. Most of these fabrics are thick and don’t allow cool air to pass through. Others, especially those made of synthetic fibers, do not wick away moisture as well and could make you sweaty and uncomfortable. In order to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable this summer, we found a list the

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