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Five Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts From Mountaineer Cleaners

Occasionally, our customers will ask for general do’s and don’ts when they come in. More often than not however, we notice customers are amazed at how clean their clothes have become. This leads to curiosity, and many questions on exactly how dry cleaning works. The science of dry cleaning is often more complicated than the common consumer suspects, the mere existence of the Dry Cleaning Institute makes that apparent. Nevertheless, there is plenty that you can do yourself that you don’t need a degree or a certification for! We’ve compiled five of our most frequently given tips and cautionary reminders for you to read and apply to your laundry routine all from the comfort of your home. The Amazing Invisible Stain  1. If you don’t see the stain anymore, it’s still a problem. Many of us have used an ice cube from a nearby drink to “rid” ourselves of the

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summer fabrics

Best Fabrics for Beating the Summer Heat

Everyone has their own idea of a summer wardrobe. From shorts and skirts to T-shirts and flip-flops, most people are concerned with wearing as few clothes as possible in order to beat the heat. However, it might bring some much needed relief to plan your summer outfits around the types of fabric that will keep you as cool and dry as possible. Dress Smart with Summer Fabrics You obviously wouldn’t wear wool in the middle of July. Aside from heavy and bulky fabrics, there are still several kinds of material that are not ideal for beating the heat. Most of these fabrics are thick and don’t allow cool air to pass through. Others, especially those made of synthetic fibers, do not wick away moisture as well and could make you sweaty and uncomfortable. In order to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable this summer, we found a list the

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Misconceptions of Dry Cleaning a Suit

  A common misconception is that your suits get shiny when they are dry cleaned. A shiny suit is actually caused by pressing a suit too hard with too much heat. The oils in the wool can make the fabric look glossy if it has been crushed by hard-pressing. Suits can often be among the most difficult garments to clean. They are nearly impossible to clean at home, and special processes must be used to ensure the longevity and quality of your suit. Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help! We realize that you worry about how your clothes are handled. Not to worry, we hire qualified professionals to ensure that your garments stay in the best shape. Dry cleaning a suit is the key to a professional appearance. This is why our dry cleaning experts take great care in providing the quality services you require. Here at Mountaineer cleaners, we

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