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Our organic wet cleaning services are a safer alternative to traditional dry cleaning.

Organic Wet Cleaning: What is it?

When it comes to making sure your clothes are clean and fresh for your family, traditional dry cleaning may not be the best option. Most traditional dry cleaning methods employ the use of a chemical called perchloroethylene or “PERC”. This harsh chemical substance can be very detrimental to employees health over long-term exposure. Perchloroethylene is used in many different cleaning stages and can leave a chemical odor on your clean garments. This chemical compound can also be very harmful to the environment if it is not disposed of correctly. Organic Wet Cleaning Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we offer a safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Our organic wet cleaning services use no chemicals and is a truly eco-friendly way to keep all of your favorite clothes fresh and clean. This non-toxic alternative uses computer-monitored washing machines as well as biodegradable cleaning agents. Electronically-monitored dryers complete the process without damaging

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Most dry cleaners have been cleaning clothes the exact same way for decades. Once something has been completed the same way for so long, it makes you think, “Is there a better way this could be done?” Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we are bending the rules of dry cleaning. We offer an innovative environmentally-friendly cleaning service that is becoming more and more popular around the country. Our cleaning process involves hydrocarbon, organic wet cleaning, and reusable garment bags. Hydrocarbon The most commonly used chemical by dry cleaners is Perchloroethylene or “Perc”. The use of Perc is not only dangerous for the environment, but can be hazardous to customers and employees. When using Perc to dry clean, the toxic vapors can be inhaled which results in dizziness, drowsiness, and even blistering of the skin.  In addition, residues that are not filtered out during the dry cleaning process can become attached to

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How Often Should Men Have Their Dress Shirts Cleaned?

Afraid of harsh chemicals ruining your dress shirts? Mountaineer Cleaners uses bio-degradable cleaning agents instead of perchlorethylene, so your shirt’s life span won’t be cut short. Most dry-cleaners run perchlorethylene (also called PERC) through fabric to eliminate any stains, dirt, grease, or grime from clothing.  Using perc doesn’t require any soap or water- hence, the term “dry cleaning”.  However, perc is a very harsh chemical that erodes fabric and creates waste that is harmful to the environment.  Using perc on your garments creates the “dry cleaning smell” you are probably used to from most dry cleaners. Mountaineer Cleaners is separating itself from the pack with our use of hydrocarbon (a neutral compound) as our main cleaning agent.  Our company also offers an organic wet cleaning method that is great for your garments and more environmentally friendly than regular dry cleaning.  Finally, you can take your shirts to the cleaners as

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