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spring cleaning

Get a Jump Start on Spring Cleaning!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve noticed the unseasonably warm weather we’ve experienced. All across the country, it seems that a mild winter has given rise to an early spring. Chicago and Minneapolis saw virtually no snow during the month of February. The Windy City saw 6 days over 66 degrees, more than in the previous 145 years combined. Cities like New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Raleigh, Atlanta, and DC saw one of the hottest Februarys on record – more than 6,000 high temperature records were set across the nation. What does all of this mean for you? Summer Wardrobe A couple of things. For starters, you’ve likely had to break out your summer wardrobe far earlier than you had anticipated. Freshen them up with a visit to us at Mountaineer Cleaners. We can remove stains you’ve forgotten about, repair damaged clothing, perform any

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Turn thrift store items into gold with our exceptional cleaning services.

Cleaning Services Revive Thrift Store Clothing

When it comes to clothing or shoes, everybody thinks they could use a little something new. Shopping for new clothes is a fun and exciting experience for most people. You get to try out new styles, sizes, and fabrics to find exactly what you want. However, falling in love with an item just to have sticker shock at the price tag is never fun. Buying new clothes can be expensive, especially if you have children whom are constantly ruining or growing out of their garments. Hand-me-downs are great, but they aren’t always the best way to have quality, well-fitting clothes. Bargain Shopping the Right Way One solution that has been gaining popularity among young shoppers is buying from thrift stores. With incredibly low prices and proceeds usually going towards a worthy cause, they are a great way to upgrade your wardrobe and give back to the community.     Style

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Let us at Mountaineer Cleaners keep your rugs and other household items clean and fresh this winter!

Keep Your Rugs Clean This Winter

From slippery roads and sidewalks to bone-chilling winds, winter weather and cold temperatures can drive some people crazy. Arriving to a warm, cozy house at the end of a long day at work is a dream for many. However, tracking in all that snow and salt makes a huge mess on all of your carpets and rugs. Salt and brine can remain on sidewalks and roadways until it is washed or blown away, meaning you could be dealing with salt for weeks to come. Rather than dealing with the ugly stains caused by this inconvenience, let us at Mountaineer Cleaners take care of cleaning your household rugs. We understand that rugs can go for months without being cleaning and may have tough, set-in stains. Our affordable, high-quality rug cleaning service is perfect for taking care of large stains, recurring pet odors, or any other issue. Our rug cleaning experts use a multi-step process

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Start your new year with a fresh and clean wardrobe!

Cleaning Your Home Just Got Easier

With the start of a new year, it’s very likely that most of us embarked on a New Year’s resolution that is destined to fail. Whether you’re trying to get in shape, quit smoking, or advance in your career, waking up one day to an entirely new routine can be challenging and exhausting. Rather than totally overhauling your life, why not pick a simple New Year’s resolution that will be easy to stick to? Maybe something like keeping your house clean? While it may seem trivial, staying neat and organized has proven benefits on health and well-being. Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we aim to earn your business everyday and be the one-stop shop for all of your household item cleaning needs. We Do It All For starters, our professional dry cleaning services provide high-quality care and attention to all of your garments. Every piece of clothing is washed in house with a

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Choose Mountaineer Cleaners for all of your household cleaning needs!

Cleaning Your Household Items

When it comes to household items like rugs, bedding, linens, and drapes, we may not see a need for them to be cleaned very often. Rugs can be vacuumed, table cloths are rarely used, and the curtains don’t get very dirty from blocking light. However, making sure that all of your home’s decor and linens remain clean is very important. Dust and dirt can linger in your curtains and bedding for months, triggering annoying allergies and respiratory problems. Pet odors, fur, and dander can irritate the eyes and airways. Large stains and spills can ruin your linens, rugs, and bedding. Don’t waste your money replacing something you still like and use – bring it to us at Mountaineer Cleaners. Our affordable, high-quality services cater to all of your professional cleaning needs. Although stains can often go weeks or months without any treatment, our professional cleaning experts can make your damaged and dirty

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holiday feast

Preparing for your Holiday Feast

For weeks, you have been planning and preparing to host your entire family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Every aunt, uncle, cousin, and in-law is on their way with high expectations and an empty stomach. You bought the biggest, most expensive turkey you could find and woke up at 6 a.m. to start cooking for your visitors. You stuff, baste, mash, chop, boil, and season a plethora of dishes over a hot stove for hours. Finally, it’s time to set the table. You slowly unfold the silk linens and… stare in horror. Right in the middle of the cloth, staring back at you, is the massive gravy stain caused by your mother-in-law during last year’s Christmas. After going out of your way to prepare this extravagant feast, the only thing people will remember is the crusty brown splatter underneath the stuffing. Avoid the Holiday Fright Don’t let this nightmare become your reality. Stains, smears, and

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