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We offer professional leather, suede, and fur cleaning services!

Leather, Suede, and Fur – We Do It All

The incredible look and feel of leather, suede, and fur clothing has created a high demand for these garments. Whether it’s an expensive fur coat, a pair of Italian leather boots, or a trendy suede ensemble, some of your favorite items are likely made with these high-quality materials and fabrics. While these are often some of our most treasured garments, they can show signs of wear if they are not properly taken care of. Your clothes are an investment – why not protect them with professional garment cleaning and repair from Mountaineer Cleaners? Warning: Don’t Try This at Home Leather, suede, and fur products cannot be cleaned using the standard dry cleaning process. Trying to clean them at home using regular household detergent removes the natural oils and tannins from the materials, which can lead to cracking and stiffening of the fabric. If handled incorrectly, garments can easily be ruined beyond repair.

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Buying a Belt

A man’s belt is a very quintessential accessory. You wear it in a wide variety of ways. You might need a belt just to keep your pants on, or you might need it for a special event. Because it is so important, there are a lot of things you need to know when buying a belt. How long should your belt be? Your belt should usually only have a few inches to the left of the buckle once it is fastened. It needs to be long enough to loop into your first belt loop, or the built in belt loop. Having an extremely long tail end on your belt will result in an unprofessional and awkward look. Belt Colors The leather in your attire should always match. If you wear black leather shoes, your belt should match with black leather. A matte finish belt should go with matte shoes, and

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