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Mountaineer Cleaners Wishes You a Happy Holidays!

We here at Mountaineer Cleaners would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. If it’s too late to get your holiday apparel dry cleaned, there’s always next year, and New Years! Most schools have let out for the Holidays this week, leaving parents with a heap of extra responsibilities. Not only do you have to find the presents, budget, maintain a level head as you watch a Christmas Story for the 30th time, cook, clean for the relatives, and not to mention smile all the while, there’s still more to do. As much as the children and grumpy grandfathers will relent, photos are going to be taken. Mom will greatly appreciate it if all your clothes are nice and crisp. Sweaters will need to be cleaned delicately, pants will need to be pressed, and the little one’s Christmas dress will have to be watched closely for fear of ruin. Not

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Mountaineer Cleaners and Old Wives Tales: Club Soda

We all know about Old Wive’s Tales, especially here in the South. Many of them have hidden bits of wisdom and some are downright truth. We can’t speak to much on whether or not old woman hold the secrets of all knowledge, but we can speak on whether or not some cleaning wive’s tales are true or not. Specifically in this article, we’re going to address Club Soda as a cleaning instrument, and whether or not it can be used to safely remove stains from clothing, or if it’s even efficient as a cleaning tool at all. The research has actually been done in this instance, and we can safely say that you’ll probably be surprised as to what club soda can actually do. If you’ve never heard the wive’s tale about club soda before, apparently people make it out to be a miracle cleaning utensil that possesses the ability

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Back to School Preparations!

Whenever you’re getting ready for the next school year, clothes are almost always top of the list for a lot of parents. Kids are constantly changing sizes and shopping for the holidays can be a stressful affair. Even if it’s college, like a lot of us here in the mountains already know, starting the school year fresh is the best way to feel good about the semester. In some cases, it can even let you focus on grades more.   Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter With spring on the way, and fall seemingly fizzling away into a mild winter, it’s not too early to start preparing for the warmer weather. This can take some preparation, but when the sun comes out and you’re sending the kids or yourself off to school you’ll thank yourself for being ready. Taking those warm clothes out of the storage area well probably expose some

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Let Mountaineer Cleaners Dry Clean Your Winter Coat!

Why You Should Dry Clean Your Winter Coat With winter growing ever closer, you need to take inventory of your winter clothes. Primarily, you’ll need to dry clean the article of winter clothing that will be exposed to the most trauma: your winter coats. Mountaineer Cleaners has dealt with all different types of winter coats, comforters, and all clothing. We are the best dry cleaning service in the High Country, and here are a few reasons why you should go with us to clean your winter coat. A Routine Will Keep it Clean Mountaineer Cleaners offers a tailored cleaning service that you can use routinely. We recommend cleaning your winter coats twice or even three times a year. This will keep them in tip-top shape no matter what they are being used for. Even if it is the warm season and they are being stored away for spring, it is still a great

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Make your sweaters and your entire winter wardrobe sparkle with Mountaineer Cleaners dry cleaning and laundry services.

Breaking out the Winter Wardrobe

Here in the High Country, the weather changes quickly. As the leaves start falling off of the trees and fall turns to winter, it will be time to break out the winter wardrobe once again. That means getting your warm clothes clean and ready, while also packing away your summer apparel until next year. Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help with all of your summer and winter dry cleaning needs. Ready for Winter? Within the next month, t-shirts and shorts will be replaced by pants, sweaters, and warm coats. Some of these items, particularly sweaters and wool coats, can be incredibly difficult to clean. However, our dry cleaning experts are up to the challenge. We always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your clothing during the dry cleaning process. This means that we can ensure that your garments won’t shrink, and that we will choose the safest method possible for removing any

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Buying a Belt

A man’s belt is a very quintessential accessory. You wear it in a wide variety of ways. You might need a belt just to keep your pants on, or you might need it for a special event. Because it is so important, there are a lot of things you need to know when buying a belt. How long should your belt be? Your belt should usually only have a few inches to the left of the buckle once it is fastened. It needs to be long enough to loop into your first belt loop, or the built in belt loop. Having an extremely long tail end on your belt will result in an unprofessional and awkward look. Belt Colors The leather in your attire should always match. If you wear black leather shoes, your belt should match with black leather. A matte finish belt should go with matte shoes, and

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Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament

Mountaineer Cleaners’ First Annual Charity Golf Tournament ended with success this past weekend. Taking place at Boone Golf Club, golfers from around the High Country teed off in order to raise money for the Hospitality House of Boone. This four-person team tournament began with a shotgun start at 8:00 AM on Saturday June 6th. Both men’s, women’s, and mixed teams all enjoyed a beautiful day of golfing in the benefit of charity. Many of the holes were sponsored by local businesses where golfers were able to win special prizes. These included: 50/50 cash raffle, team prizes, and a hole-in-one, new car give away! The lunch was graciously provided by Allen Wealth Management, and gift bags were provided to the golfers by LifeStore Bank. This tournament benefitted the Hospitality House of Boone meanwhile giving a pleasant golfing experience for all of the players. The Hospitality House is a non-profit crisis organization

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Meet Boone, NC Mayor Andy Ball At Mountaineer Cleaners on April 20th at Noon for our official grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony!

Grand Opening With Mayor Andy Ball

Mountaineer Cleaners will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of its newest retail location in Boone, NC. The day is being hosted by the Boone Chamber of Commerce with a special attendance of Mayor Andy Ball. Boone area residents, local businesses, and members of the media are welcome to attend the grand opening on Monday, April 20th at noon. Check out our newest store location, and learn more about the services we offer our local community. At the Grand Opening with Mayor Andy Ball, we will be honored to have him cut the ribbon to announce the official opening of Mountaineer Cleaners in the High Country.     – – – Grand Opening At Shops At Shadowline – – – Conveniently located in Shops at Shadowline near Harris Teeter, Mountaineer Cleaners is ready to care for all of your clothing needs. From dry cleaning and alteration, to shoe repair and leather care, we have the

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Summer & Winter Clothing Storage

When the cold fades away and the snow starts to melt, it is time to make preparations for hot weather. Its about that time to start packing away our winter clothing. Sweaters, gloves, coats, and hats normally get thrown in the closest drawer or closet without any regard, often resulting in horrible surprises next winter. Not everyone has the space to keep four seasons worth of clothing out all year. Small, or even no clothing storage space hinders your ability to have large amounts of clothing on hand. Properly storing off-season clothing not only frees up storage space, but it also gives you a renewed look when the change in weather comes. Remember that the cleaner our clothing is packed, the better your clothing will look when the seasons change again. Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we offer a premier clothing storage service for all of your off-season clothing. Just bring

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