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grass stain

Remove Grass Stains from your Favorite Clothes

The arrival of spring means that green is coming back in a big way. Grass, trees, and flowers are beginning to bloom and grow, unleashing a new wave of color and life. While most people are worried about pollen and other allergens, few realize that this warmer weather will also mean new stains and messes all over your favorite clothing. Grass Stains If you’re ever dealt with grass stains, you know they can be incredibly tricky and difficult to remove. Grass stains are different from many dirt, food, or drink stains in that the stain itself is technically a dye. The chlorophyll, proteins, and other organic matter that come from grass easily bonds with natural clothing fibers, like cotton. Once in the fabric, the natural pigments can penetrate and bond to the fibers of the garment. Synthetic fabrics are a bit more resilient because they don’t absorb, trap and lock the

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summer fabrics

Best Fabrics for Beating the Summer Heat

Everyone has their own idea of a summer wardrobe. From shorts and skirts to T-shirts and flip-flops, most people are concerned with wearing as few clothes as possible in order to beat the heat. However, it might bring some much needed relief to plan your summer outfits around the types of fabric that will keep you as cool and dry as possible. Dress Smart with Summer Fabrics You obviously wouldn’t wear wool in the middle of July. Aside from heavy and bulky fabrics, there are still several kinds of material that are not ideal for beating the heat. Most of these fabrics are thick and don’t allow cool air to pass through. Others, especially those made of synthetic fibers, do not wick away moisture as well and could make you sweaty and uncomfortable. In order to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable this summer, we found a list the

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spring cleaning

Get a Jump Start on Spring Cleaning!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve noticed the unseasonably warm weather we’ve experienced. All across the country, it seems that a mild winter has given rise to an early spring. Chicago and Minneapolis saw virtually no snow during the month of February. The Windy City saw 6 days over 66 degrees, more than in the previous 145 years combined. Cities like New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Raleigh, Atlanta, and DC saw one of the hottest Februarys on record – more than 6,000 high temperature records were set across the nation. What does all of this mean for you? Summer Wardrobe A couple of things. For starters, you’ve likely had to break out your summer wardrobe far earlier than you had anticipated. Freshen them up with a visit to us at Mountaineer Cleaners. We can remove stains you’ve forgotten about, repair damaged clothing, perform any

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If you've never tried a wash and fold service, call Mountaineer Cleaners today and let us earn your business!

Try Our Wash and Fold Service!

Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we never see laundry as a chore. Instead, we see it as an opportunity to provide a quality and well-appreciated service to hard-working people. Some people (not many) legitimately enjoy washing and folding their freshly cleaned laundry. If you’re not one of these people, register or call us today. You can learn all about the services that we provide across the High Country to make your life and your wardrobe better than ever. Wash & Fold Our wash and fold laundry service is much more than throwing your items in a machine and pressing a button. We go to every measure to ensure that your garments are handled with care and washed with quality eco-friendly materials. Our high capacity machines allow us to handle even the largest loads and return them fresh and clean promptly. You can also register for our free pick-up and delivery service

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Choose Mountaineer Cleaners for all of your household cleaning needs!

Cleaning Your Household Items

When it comes to household items like rugs, bedding, linens, and drapes, we may not see a need for them to be cleaned very often. Rugs can be vacuumed, table cloths are rarely used, and the curtains don’t get very dirty from blocking light. However, making sure that all of your home’s decor and linens remain clean is very important. Dust and dirt can linger in your curtains and bedding for months, triggering annoying allergies and respiratory problems. Pet odors, fur, and dander can irritate the eyes and airways. Large stains and spills can ruin your linens, rugs, and bedding. Don’t waste your money replacing something you still like and use – bring it to us at Mountaineer Cleaners. Our affordable, high-quality services cater to all of your professional cleaning needs. Although stains can often go weeks or months without any treatment, our professional cleaning experts can make your damaged and dirty

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How Often Should Men Have Their Dress Shirts Cleaned?

Afraid of harsh chemicals ruining your dress shirts? Mountaineer Cleaners uses bio-degradable cleaning agents instead of perchlorethylene, so your shirt’s life span won’t be cut short. Most dry-cleaners run perchlorethylene (also called PERC) through fabric to eliminate any stains, dirt, grease, or grime from clothing.  Using perc doesn’t require any soap or water- hence, the term “dry cleaning”.  However, perc is a very harsh chemical that erodes fabric and creates waste that is harmful to the environment.  Using perc on your garments creates the “dry cleaning smell” you are probably used to from most dry cleaners. Mountaineer Cleaners is separating itself from the pack with our use of hydrocarbon (a neutral compound) as our main cleaning agent.  Our company also offers an organic wet cleaning method that is great for your garments and more environmentally friendly than regular dry cleaning.  Finally, you can take your shirts to the cleaners as

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Make your sweaters and your entire winter wardrobe sparkle with Mountaineer Cleaners dry cleaning and laundry services.

Breaking out the Winter Wardrobe

Here in the High Country, the weather changes quickly. As the leaves start falling off of the trees and fall turns to winter, it will be time to break out the winter wardrobe once again. That means getting your warm clothes clean and ready, while also packing away your summer apparel until next year. Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help with all of your summer and winter dry cleaning needs. Ready for Winter? Within the next month, t-shirts and shorts will be replaced by pants, sweaters, and warm coats. Some of these items, particularly sweaters and wool coats, can be incredibly difficult to clean. However, our dry cleaning experts are up to the challenge. We always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your clothing during the dry cleaning process. This means that we can ensure that your garments won’t shrink, and that we will choose the safest method possible for removing any

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Misconceptions of Dry Cleaning a Suit

  A common misconception is that your suits get shiny when they are dry cleaned. A shiny suit is actually caused by pressing a suit too hard with too much heat. The oils in the wool can make the fabric look glossy if it has been crushed by hard-pressing. Suits can often be among the most difficult garments to clean. They are nearly impossible to clean at home, and special processes must be used to ensure the longevity and quality of your suit. Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help! We realize that you worry about how your clothes are handled. Not to worry, we hire qualified professionals to ensure that your garments stay in the best shape. Dry cleaning a suit is the key to a professional appearance. This is why our dry cleaning experts take great care in providing the quality services you require. Here at Mountaineer cleaners, we

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When to Dry Clean a Suit

Dry cleaning a suit can easily be one of the most expensive additions to anyone’s wardrobe.  So knowledge on how to care for and clean a suit is something that everyone should study up on. Whether you are wearing a suit that came off of a rack or a custom tailored suit, eventually it will need to be dry cleaned. There is not an exact rule that tells you how often to dry clean your suit, but we can give you a bit of a guide. A good rule to follow is to bring your suit in for a professional cleaning when brushing, airing out, and spot cleaning are not removing all of the stains and odor anymore. If you don’t wear your suit very often, you may only need to professionally clean it once every year. If you wear your suit weekly, you may need to bring it in

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