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Turn thrift store items into gold with our exceptional cleaning services.

Cleaning Services Revive Thrift Store Clothing

When it comes to clothing or shoes, everybody thinks they could use a little something new. Shopping for new clothes is a fun and exciting experience for most people. You get to try out new styles, sizes, and fabrics to find exactly what you want. However, falling in love with an item just to have sticker shock at the price tag is never fun. Buying new clothes can be expensive, especially if you have children whom are constantly ruining or growing out of their garments. Hand-me-downs are great, but they aren’t always the best way to have quality, well-fitting clothes. Bargain Shopping the Right Way One solution that has been gaining popularity among young shoppers is buying from thrift stores. With incredibly low prices and proceeds usually going towards a worthy cause, they are a great way to upgrade your wardrobe and give back to the community.     Style

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Professional shoe repair for Mountaineer Cleaners

Professional Shoe Repair

The turn of the seasons and the arrival of winter can create different problems for everybody. Electricity becomes more expensive thanks to heat, people are trapped inside because of the weather, and family is coming to visit for the holidays. Another upsetting thing that many people experience is the a of disappointment as they go through old winter clothes and pull out their favorite pair of boots, only to find them torn and stained. Replacing a quality pair of boots can be a very pricey expense. Driving across town to different shoe stores to try and pick from a limited selection of styles and sizes can be infuriating. Buying boots online can take weeks for delivery, and you don’t even get to try them on. Rather than dealing with the headache, why not just repair that favorite pair of boots and save money in the process? We Can Fix it All Professional shoe repair

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