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grass stain

Remove Grass Stains from your Favorite Clothes

The arrival of spring means that green is coming back in a big way. Grass, trees, and flowers are beginning to bloom and grow, unleashing a new wave of color and life. While most people are worried about pollen and other allergens, few realize that this warmer weather will also mean new stains and messes all over your favorite clothing. Grass Stains If you’re ever dealt with grass stains, you know they can be incredibly tricky and difficult to remove. Grass stains are different from many dirt, food, or drink stains in that the stain itself is technically a dye. The chlorophyll, proteins, and other organic matter that come from grass easily bonds with natural clothing fibers, like cotton. Once in the fabric, the natural pigments can penetrate and bond to the fibers of the garment. Synthetic fabrics are a bit more resilient because they don’t absorb, trap and lock the

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