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About Our Services

Here at Mountaineer Cleaners we make sure your garments continue looking like new for years to come. We ensure your clothing stays looking fresh with our professional dry cleaning and clothing alterations. With two convenient locations in Boone and West Jefferson, drop-off locations throughout the High Country, and free home pick-up and delivery, you will never be far from your hometown cleaner. Not only are we a dry cleaner, we are a one stop shop for all clothing cleaning, repair and alteration services.

Mountaineer Cleaners strives for excellence in each and every one of our services. By providing the widest array of cleaning and garment care services in the High Country we are able to tackle any tough cleaning hurdle you can throw at us.

Organic Wet Cleaning

Our non-toxic, environmentally-safe dry cleaning alternative. Perfect for use on any garment, including but not limited to silks, woolens, cashmere, as well as a variety of other fine and delicate fabric contents.

Professional Dry Cleaning

Our experts here at Mountaineer Cleaners work diligently to dry clean even your toughest-to-clean garments.

Expert Alterations & Tailoring

Our dedicated, experienced on-site seamstress is here to handle all of your tailoring needs.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Don’t make the mistake of storing your wedding dress without cleaning and preparing it first. We are experts at preserving your special dress!

Drapery Cleaning

Over time, drapery can stain and yellow. Bring your drapes into Mountaineer Cleaners and restore their original look!

Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning

Never let your leather, suede, and fur garments crack and dry up. Bring them into Mountaineer Cleaners and we will make them look new again!

Dress Shirt Cleaning

Trust us with your dress shirts to look sharp and keep up your professional appearance.

Garment Shaping

If you’ve shrunk your favorite shirt, let us shape it back to normal for you!

Stain Repellent

Keep your clothes dirt and stain-free using our unique stain repellent.

Commercial Table Linens

Our ability to handle high capacity jobs means we can take care of all of your commercial table linen cleaning needs!

Home Pick-Up & Delivery

We provide free laundry pickup and drop off to all of our customers.  See if we service your area!

Wash & Fold

We offer top-quality wash-and-fold services for your residential or commercial needs.  Don’t wait at a laundromat, call us today!

Bedding & Comforters

A clean bed makes for a good night sleep. Mountaineer Cleaners cleans and fluffs your bedding to help you get the rest you deserve!

Household Item Cleaning & Pressing

We are not limited to clothing. Bring in your linens, tablecloths, drapes and more!

Table Linens

Let us help you put the finishing touches on a dining room with our tablecloth service.

Rug Cleaning

Large or expensive rugs are no problem!  Our free pick up service can get your rug directly from your doorstep.

Suit Cleaning & Pressing

Let our dry cleaning experts keep you looking neat and clean with a crisply pressed suit!

Stain Removal

Nasty stains that won’t go away? Bring your garment into Mountaineer Cleaners and we will remove them with ease.

Shoe Repair

Make your old shoes look like new with our shoe repair and polishing service!

Non-Bleach Whitening

Help your old whites return to their original shine with our non-aggressive, bleach-free whitening process.

Local Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

We provide local retail stores for a more personal connection to our customers and local pick-up/drop-off locations for convenience!