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Leather has its own exclusive look and feel that separates it from other garments. Certain repairs require unique technology and an equally skilled hand. Unfortunately, over time, normal wear and tear can cause your leather items to become worn, stained, or torn. Mountaineer Cleaners has the solution.

Leather Jackets

A nice leather coat can allow a person to convey a sense of class and style. However, old leather can often become cracked, torn, or stained. These coats often hold sentimental value, and replacing a high quality leather jacket can be incredibly expensive. Mountaineer Cleaners’ leather repair specialists can help you avoid the inconvenience of finding a new leather coat. Our specialists can provide almost any type of fix at a fraction of the cost of paying for a new jacket. Using specially designed machinery that is made specifically for leather items, our specialists can fix tears, repair cracks, and otherwise ease the effects of normal wear and tear.

A fine leather coat should last a lifetime. Whether you want your jacket to look brand new or keep a ‘worn out’ look and feel, Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help.


Leather handbags are often incredibly expensive. In addition, handbags are often unique and hold a great amount of sentimental value. They can be extremely costly to replace, and even a small tear can ruin the look or function of your favorite purse. Our leather repair specialists are uniquely adept at repairing your handbags to their original condition. We can handle numerous types of repairs, including:

  • Broken zippers
  • Torn straps
  • Missing/torn pockets
  • Fading/color loss


Instead of spending hundreds getting a new handbag, ask us about our repair service. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

In addition to jackets and handbags, we also offer repairs on the following leather items:

  • Vests
  • Pants
  • Belts
  • Wallets
  • Shoes/Boots
  • And more. Just ask!


We also understand that not every customer will be able to travel to one of our retail locations, this is why we offer a FREE pick-up and delivery service that can bring your orders directly to your home or office. If you need leather repaired and you cannot come to us, we will come to you! Use our online sign up form or call us to create an account and set-up a drop off location; we will be happy to service your every leather repair need.

For more information about our Leather Repair Services, give us a call at:

Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379

More specific information about our other leather cleaning and repair services can be found here: