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Has your white shirt become yellowed? Have those old white linens lost their shine? Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help.
White garments can be some of the most frustrating items to clean. They often attract the toughest stains and are nearly impossible to keep completely blemish-free. Even if your garment has years of wear and tear, our whitening process can help restore it to look like new.

Our whitening process is completely bleach free. This means you never have to be worried about washing your items together with other clothing for fear of bleach stains. Adding bleach can also create a ‘fake-white’ that does not last. We ensure that nothing extra will be added into the fabric, and that our process brings out the natural white color that is underneath all that dirt and grime. Our non-aggressive process is also guaranteed to leave your fabrics undamaged. Using a sodium-based solution, we soak your white garments for up to 24 hours. Rather than attacking the fabric directly, this solution focuses on the dirt and grime, lifting all of the discoloring agents from your clothes. This can remove yellowing from even the oldest garments and restore your items to like-new quality.


Our whitening process is safe for almost any type of garment! This includes:
• Cotton Pants
• Button-down dress shirts
• Bed linens
• Towels
• Tablecloths
• Heavy Winter Coats
• And more, just ask!

Mountaineer Cleaners is dedicated to providing you with high quality service that cannot be found anywhere else. Our commitment to excellence is second to none and we are always looking for new, unique, customer friendly services to enhance our ability to provide you with the best service possible! Our non-aggressive, bleach-free whitening process is just one of the ways that we separate ourselves from the competition and provide an ongoing commitment to excellence.

For more information about our whitening services, please call:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379