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Having a neatly pressed dress shirt is the key to a professional appearance. Mountaineer Cleaners strives for perfection in every shirt, from collar to cuff.

All dress shirts are carefully checked for stains. For shirts with those tough rings around the collar and cuffs that are difficult to remove, a special cleaning agent will be sprayed on these areas. They are then scrubbed with a brush for a deep cleaning effect that helps to extract the unwanted stains.

We understand that sometimes, after a long day of work, stains that accrue around the collar and cuffs may not be easily removed. In order to provide the highest quality service, we request that customers allow a 24 hour ‘soaking period’ for dress shirts that have large amounts of dirt and grime. If the stains are not completely eliminated before being washed, we will soak each dress shirt individually in a bucket of lukewarm water and a sodium solution that eliminates the stains. Occasionally, this process can delay the turnaround time of clothing orders. Be sure to let us know if your garments need to be rushed, and we will do our absolute best to meet your deadline!

Mountaineer Cleaners offers a wide variety of starch preferences in order to meet all customer needs. For customers that would like their shirt to remain soft, starch is not required. We also offer options of light, medium, heavy, or even extra-heavy starch, for those who prefer stiffer shirts.

All dress shirts are pressed on a machine specifically designed for your button downs. This ensures consistency and quality with every shirt. After each shirt is pressed and the collars are aligned, collar stays are added into the shirt. Additionally, every shirt is individually double-checked for quality. During the quality check, our employees occasionally discover loose, broken, or missing buttons. We will happily replace these for you at no additional charge.

For those who spend large amounts of time traveling, Mountaineer Cleaners offers the option to get your dress shirts folded. At your convenience, we will fold each shirt, bag them individually, and add collar supports to make them look like new.

In addition to our normal shirt service, some pants can be laundered and pressed as well. For those who may prefer starch in their jeans or slacks, be sure to ask about this service!

For more information about our Shirt Service call:
Boone: 828-386-1886 West Jefferson: 336-246-9379