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Here at Mountaineer cleaners we strive to provide our customers the best quality of work in everything we do. For that reason we use a wide variety of techniques to remove stains in order to satisfy your every need. Most people know a little bit about treating stains before washing them. This will soften the stain so it is easier to remove in the washing process. We do the something similar called “pre-spotting” in order to prepare stains for cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Spotting Board

Our professionals at Mountaineer Cleaners use a piece of equipment called a spotting board which has multiple components. Many stains are able to be removed through this method.
• Vacuum: Keeps the clothing in place for the accuracy of stain removal.
• Steam: Applies steam to the stain to try and loosen it.
• Heat: Applies hot air to the clothing in order to dry it before cleaning.

Spotting Bone

The spotting bone is a small smooth tool used to work solvents into a stain. It is made of a neutral material so it is great tool for removing stains.

Tamping Brush

Similar to a spotting bone, our employees use a soft brush in order to work solvents into a stain before it is cleaned.


Towel Cleaning


Our Pre-Spotting Process

First we place your garment on a spotting board and try to loosen the stain with steam and the appropriate removing agent. During this process we use both a spotting bone and tamping brush to ensure that the removing agent has gotten deep in the fabric. After the removing agent is added, steam is applied again and the stain should lift right off the fabric.

In addition to standard stain removal, we also scrub the collars and cuffs of your shirts to give them a ‘like-new’ look. Every dress shirt that enters into our dry cleaner is sprayed with a cleaning agent to remove stains. For collars and cuffs that are especially dirty, Mountaineer Cleaners will soak your shirts in a special solution for 24 hours, removing dirt and grime that is nearly impossible to erase.

We also use a non-aggressive, bleach-free whitening process that can help restore your clothes to a ‘like-new’ look. Do you have a white dress shirt that has yellowed over time? What about those sheets that are beginning to look old? Before throwing them away, let us do what we can to help you out. Work with us and we can guarantee that your stains are dealt with right the first time.

Washing and drying a garment at home may hinder our ability to remove the stain. We ask that our customers give us as much information as possible while describing a stain, including how long it has been on the garment, as well as any methods that have already been used to attempt to remove the stain. Be sure to ask if you have any questions!

For more information on our stain removal techniques call:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379