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Stains and spills can be a real menace, ruining clothes for future use until they get professionally cleaned again. Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we provide a Stain Repellant Service for almost any fabric that can help ensure your items stay clean and fresh.

Just drop your clothing off and let us know you want stain repellant. Our repellant creates a seal around the garment that blocks dirt and grime however, this process also traps any dirt or stains that are already on the garment. Our trained staff takes care to ensure that the garment is completely clean and stain-free before applying the repellant to your clothes. First, we take the time to carefully inspect your clothing for any stains or blemishes. Then, we spot treat each stain for removal. Once stains have been erased, we will either dry or wet-clean the garments to remove the dirt deep down in the fabric, ensuring that the fabric on your garments is completely clean before treatment.

Once clean, we apply a fluorochemical to the fabric. This creates an invisible shield around the surface. Once the chemical dries completely, it will protect your fabrics from water and oil based stains, as well as blocking airborne dirt from catching the fibers.
We are not limited only to clothing.

We can apply stain repellant to almost any cloth including:
• Napkins
• Drapes
• Bedding and comforters
• Suits
• Hand Bags
• Table cloths
• Shoes
• Etc.

Here at Mountaineer Cleaners we understand that you may have a concern with the quality of work that we put into applying stain repellant to your clothing. We take pride in the fact that we individually handle all garments with extreme care and attention.

All of our knowledgeable employees are carefully trained and follow specific instructions and different techniques when handling garments. This allows us to be able to provide a higher quality of dry cleaning and ensures satisfaction in every aspect of our Stain Repellant Service.

For more information about our stain repellant services give us a call at:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379