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Suits can often be among the most difficult garments to clean. They are nearly impossible to clean at home, and special processes must be used to ensure the longevity and quality of your suit. Mountaineer Cleaners is here to help.

Our dry cleaner can handle any type of suit, including:

• Two or Three piece Men’s suit
• Two or Three piece Women’s suit
• Tuxedo
• Children’s suit
• And more, just ask!

We understand that a freshly cleaned and pressed suit is the key to a professional appearance. This is why our dry cleaning experts take great care in ensuring that you receive the services you need.

Mountaineer Cleaners offers several options for cleaning your garments. Suits may be dry cleaned to remove any oils or grease that lingers on your garments. Our dry cleaning process is also odor-free, leaving your suit smelling clean and fresh. In addition to our normal dry cleaning service, we also offer the option to get your suit wet-cleaned. We use specially designed, computer controlled washing machines that create a cleaning process that is unique to your garments. This means that delicate fabrics such as wool or silk that cannot normally be washed are able to be wet-cleaned using this advanced technology. Ask our on-site employees for more information about this service!

Tough stains are no problem for us! Our stain removal experts will inspect each garment to determine the best way to erase your stains and make your suit look like new. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all of your stain removal needs.

After the completion of the cleaning and stain removal process, our friendly employees carefully and individually hand press each item. We also inspect each garment to guarantee a high quality finish, with utmost attention paid to the collars and sleeves to ensure that everything is aligned properly. In addition, blazers are placed on a special hanger with rounded shoulders to avoid creases and establish a crisp, clean look.

Don’t make the mistake of bringing your suits to a generic cleaner or cleaning it yourself. Carry your suit into Mountaineer Cleaners and you’ll see why we provide the best services around.

For more information on our Suit Cleaning and Pressing Services, give us a call at:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379