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At Mountaineer Cleaners, we want our customers to avoid the inconvenience of lugging a heavy laundry bag to their local laundromat or dry cleaners. Mountaineer Cleaners has turned the tide with FREE laundry pick-up and delivery throughout the mountain region. To gain the advantage of our laundry pick-up and delivery services, just call our store and ask to sign up.

At your initial pickup, you will be given a customer sign-up sheet to complete and return with your first load of laundry. We use this information to generate a personal profile for your laundry needs. After the initial pickup, simply leave your dry cleaning bag at your preferred pick-up location. You do not need to be present for the truck driver; they will collect your dry cleaning bag and deliver your fresh, clean clothes at the scheduled time.

With Mountaineer Cleaners, there are no transporting fees or minimum requirements. Every laundry pick-up and drop-off is free of charge, directly to your door. Each time you use one of our services, we will send you a statement with an itemized list of services rendered, and you have the choice of paying by check or credit card. We make every step of your dry cleaning process as smooth as possible.

Understandably, our customers are often just as concerned with the safety of leaving their clothing on the front porch as they are with packages being delivered there. Because of this, we ask you to choose a location that is easily accessible to our drivers, but which you also feel secure about for the pickup and delivery of your clothing. We will agree to any realistic location, even if this means using a garage code or going to your back porch. We understand the need to keep your garments safe and secure, and we will do whatever we can to ensure this.

For more information on our FREE laundry Pickup and Delivery Service call:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379