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The appeal of a top quality fine leather, suede, or fur garment is unmatched. They are often some of our most valued garments, and typically the first to show signs of wear. Whether the style is sporty, casual, or formal, Mountaineer Cleaners provides a safe and reliable cleaning process.


Our professional leather, suede, and fur cleaner can make the toughest stains, cracks, and scratches disappear while still preserving the garment’s natural look and feel. The process includes dirt and stain removal, as well as adding natural oils, tannins, and conditioners that are lost through normal wear and tear. Only all natural cleaners and conditioners are used to help your garment preserve its beautiful look.

In addition to normal cracking and wear, many old coats, gloves, and other items can begin to lose their natural colors over time. Our service includes professionally restoring your garment to its original color and shine as if it was brand new. After a complete restoration, your garment may be pressed using machinery designed explicitly for leather and suede clothing in order to provide the highest quality finish. In addition, every item is inspected upon the completion of the cleaning process in order to ensure quality and consistency.

Leather, suede, and fur garments cannot be cleaned using the standard dry cleaning process and they cannot be washed. Cleaning a leather or suede garment at home using a regular detergent removes many of the natural oils and tannins which can lead to cracking as well as increased stiffening of the material. If handled improperly, some of these issues can be irreversible. Always take your garment to an experienced suede, leather and fur cleaner due to the unique methods necessary to preserve the finish, feel and color.

In addition to our cleaning services, we also offer repairs. If a valuable item is torn or damaged in any way, ask about our repair service! We can help restore damaged sentimental items to pristine quality.

You can always trust your suede, leather and fur cleaning to the professionals at Mountaineer Cleaners. Whether it’s a jacket, gloves, handbag, or even UGG boots, you can rely on us to give your leather, suede and fur the care and attention they need.

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