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Suede Cleaning

Bring your dirty suede out of the closet!


Suede is a great looking material for your shoes and clothing but it is very difficult to deal with. Many people avoid suede because it stains with water, scuffs, scrapes, and collects dirt. For many of these same reasons, people have their suede clothing sitting in the closet. You also can’t fix it because trying to clean it yourself can cause irreparable damage to the material.

Fear no more! Here at Mountaineer Cleaners, we provide top quality Suede Cleaning Services throughout the High Country. Genuine suede requires special equipment and processes to clean. Therefore, you should take you suede to a professional like us! Our experts have the experience and knowledge in cleaning your suede clothing without damaging the material.

During our special Suede cleaning process, stains and dirt are removed, the natural oils are replenished, and the garments colors are returned. Every item is individually cleaned in special cleaners and natural tanning oils designed for the type of skin (pig, lamb, cow, etc.).

Working with Mountaineer Cleaners, we can also restore the color which can be lost during normal wear and exposure to the elements. The garment is then inspected for any imperfections and pressed using specialty equipment. Not only is the item inspected at the end but throughout every step of the cleaning process.

We can also dye your suede items while we are cleaning them. If you want your suede a darker brown or even black we can arrange for a cleaning and dye. This not only will restore the look of your suede items, but it will give a new style to your wardrobe.

Trust your suede cleaning with the experts at Mountaineer Cleaners! For more information about our Suede cleaning process, give us a call at:
Boone: 828-386-1886 West Jefferson: 336-246-3979