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Do you have heavy coats that need to be stored during a hot summer? What about keeping those golf shorts neatly pressed during a harsh winter? Let our professional dry cleaning experts at Mountaineer Cleaners help you keep track of your wardrobe with our winter and summer clothing storage.


At no additional cost to you, any garments that are dropped off for cleaning have the option to be stored. This is a great option for customers without enough space to keep their entire wardrobe. Even if you just need a place to keep that winter coat during the warmer months, feel free to ask us about this service.

Before being placed in clothing storage, our professional dry cleaning experts will be sure to clean your garments with care and precision. All stains and other blemishes will be removed, as well as oils that may attract garment-damaging insects, such as moths. After our normal cleaning and stain removal process, each garment that is going to be stored will be placed in a specially designed cedar storage bag. This cedar bag is a natural repellant for moths and other insects, as well as providing greater protection than our normal plastic. Feel free to ask us about using cedar bags on all of your clothing for at-home storage. For those who may have mildew, moth damage, or other issues with their garments, these bags may be able to help prevent damage.

After your garments have been cleaned and bagged, we offer the option to store your clothes on-site at one of our retail locations. We will store your clothes for up to six months, completely free of charge.

With our FREE drop off and pick up service, we can come get your clothes directly from your home. If you need that pile of warm-weather clothing out of your closet, we will pick it up for you. In addition, whenever you are ready to pick up your stored items, we will deliver them directly to your doorstep.

For more information about our Winter and Summer clothing storage, please call:
Boone: 828-386-1886 | West Jefferson: 336-246-9379